Dulwich Montessori Nursery School

St. Stephen's Church Hall,     College Road,    Dulwich,    London SE21 7HW

Tel.: 0208 766 0091          Head Office: 07795322688



"Independent, confident, responsible learners"


Through weekly visits to Dulwich Woods we instil a love of the great outdoors.


With our inspirational, stimulating, hands on experiences children develop self-esteem, confidence and responsibility.

With the use of the woodland setting, the various real tools and the natural resources we bring learning to life, creating an understanding of the balance of nature and the finite resources around us.

We focus on children’s individual learning schema’s to enable them to learn most effectively and promote success.


We plan for every child in the early session stages, and then we let the children lead the sessions through their own interests; taking informed, self-calculated risks and choices to ensure their groups safety, developing sympathy and empathy to the group around them, learning to work as a team to solve problems, fostering communication and negotiation skills.