One of our school's core values is the importance of parents and carers in the life of a child. That is why we value so highly the input, commitment and engagement of all the adults with children at the school.

As a parent or carer you are very welcome in our school. Adults are encouraged to help in nursery school, either in the class, or during outings and special events. Also, if a parent or carer has a particular skill he/she would like to share with us we welcome their support.

We had parents coming in to talk about being a vet, a policeman, a dentist, an artist, musician, actor, teacher and also talk about their cultural celebrations and festivals!

Your input is highly valued by the school and can help us to build strong, meaningful relationships between staff and parents. With these relationships we can then really provide a firm, secure emotional base from which your children can succeed. At the heart of this approach is communication. We believe that when communication is effective between parents and school, a mutual trust develops and the children have the best chance to reach their individual potential.

Above all, you will find all our staff very approachable. If you have any concern, however trivial it might seem, please come and speak with us. We, for our part, will make sure that you are well informed about what is happening in the nursery school and, most important of all, ensure your child is well cared for and educated.