Montessori Education Accreditation Board (MEAB)

MEAB was introduced in 2008 by the Montessori St. Nicholas charity. The scheme was developed with the assistance of the British Accreditation Council and Independent Schools Inspectorate.

The accreditation process looks at how a setting delivers Montessori principles through its daily practice. There are many benefits of MEAB accreditation for Montessori schools and for their teachers, prospective parents and of course the children who attend.

What does MEAB accreditation mean?


The knowledge that an accredited school:

  • Fulfils the criteria of high quality Montessori provision
  • Is expected to meet national regulatory standards
  • Demonstrates effective links with parents



Accreditation is awarded to schools that:

  • Trust and respect a child’s need to learn through freedom of choice
  • Have a prepared learning environment that supports a child’s natural path of development
  • Acknowledge each child’s individuality within the context of their own family




Dulwich Montessori received the full accreditation in 2014 and re-accreditation in 2018, which gives parents reassurance that we are delivering the highest quality Montessori provision.


Dulwich Montessori Nursery School is committed to following the Montessori principles and approach to learning. The large and attractive open-plan classroom is well designed to offer an extensive range of activities and opportunities for children to enjoy their learning.”


Staff members are particularly skilled at promoting children’s independence. Most children show high levels of confidence and enjoy making their own choices and decisions in the environment.”


The spacious classroom is set up into different and inviting zones that suitably provide very good learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum.

"The nursery is committed to working closely with parents to develop children’s independence at home, and parents say that they have seen significant changes in their children’s independence, confidence and desire to do things for themselves since they have been at the nursery."

The full accreditation report can be downloaded below: